I’m in that weird transition phase between being a student and an adult. It’s ever-evolving so the view is always changing, and although it’s a short phase, it’s a crucial one. Now is when I decide the type of adult I want to be. My future seems more malleable than ever.

I’m Chaslee, and I’m 24. I graduated from The University of Alabama in May 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in public relations, and a degree in political science. I just wrapped up my year long master’s program in Advertising and Public Relation (at UA— where else?). I’m still in my “waiting room” in Tuscaloosa, AL. 
I love Jesus first and foremost with my whole heart, and I don’t do enough to prove it. I’m a dog person with multiple allergies and the numerical form of dyslexia (AKA Dyscalculia— who knew that was even real? Not me, until senior year of high school!). I’m a bit of a workout fiend, and there is no food that I don’t like. My favorite president is Ronald Reagan.

I am the oldest of three girls, with two sisters, one on earth and one in heaven. I have an amazing family. My heritage is deeply rooted in the Heart of Dixie. I will defend my homeland in any argument you may have against it, and then offer you a sweet tea. Most of my friends live far and wide, but it makes for pretty fun adventures when we get to visit.

I’m here to document and share what I’m dealing with during my terrific twenties. It’s not to be selfish, and not to ramble. It’s simply to share, because I believe that life is a little easier when we can relate to one another.


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