Good Roots

It’s funny, the kind of changes that can happen so rapidly in a week’s time. Especially when it’s God’s time. Which, let’s face it, we are all on His clock. He invented it. It’s His. But, we always think He takes such a long time to move,  when really I think He’s just like “Look, I’m a big God, so when I move, it’s big. I waste no time. When I get it done, I get it done. And I get it done, when I get it done”. Surely there’s a scriptural reference for that somewhere, but at the time I can’t recall it.

I’d give you a rundown on everything that’s happened over the past eight days– and truthfully, I REALLY want to– but Jesus is wanting me to remain a little quiet for a little longer. So I assure you, things are happening. He is beyond my most strict definition of faithful that I could ever pull together. Never under estimate Him. Actually, never try to estimate Him at all, because we’re too small to even try. Lesson learned. He is to remain a mystery, I suppose. (And I mean that very lovingly, because the trust and love that’s developed and refined in that process is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It’s beautiful.) Also, eventually you will hear of all this news. I promise.

However, over the weekend, the full prospective of having a good “root system” came into focus. You know what I mean, right? A root system is made up of your people. For me, it’s my family and closest friends. In fact, I suppose there was a time, back in the glory days of college, that I was so busy that I never took the time to nurture those relationships the way I should have. It wasn’t that I didn’t appreciate them, I just didn’t prioritize them. Another wonderful thing that this break has allowed me to do, is take time to just dig into those relationships and make them grow. From my aunts, uncles, cousins, to my core group and friends, and beyond, my heart has been enlarged by the room that’s been made by their company.

I’ve been noticing this for quite some time. Ever since before the end of grad school, I’ve noticed how important these relationships are. But everything sort of epitomized over the weekend and the magnitude of it’s notoriety became more than noticeable. So I just have to tell y’all about how amazing fellowship with friends and family is.

The week was packed with so much news. Of course, my imagination is larger than life, and after this fast I’ve really started to understand how much I truly don’t want to go where the Spirit is. The idea of there even being one single force, the Enemy’s or my own, against His will is seriously depressing to me. I had some amazing opportunities arise, but if they weren’t of Him, then they weren’t even possibilities. So I called on my people to help me pray for discernment and protection and blessing. (And the answer was totally surprising, but again, another story for later! 🙂

My friends were so absolutely supportive. It was the warmest goodness to my heart to have them be there for me. In fact, I had to miss one of best friend’s wedding showers because of schedule overlap, but nonetheless, she cheered me on in my endeavor. I mean, how selfless is that?

Then I sent a big group message to my family to send them an update on all the news. Y’all, I can’t even describe what ensued next, so I’m just going to let you read it.

*Sent them all my news and concluded with, “Go Jesus!”*

Paige: We’ll be keeping you in our prayers. And hoping that neon sign is large and blinking, cause those are the best. We are proud of you. Lots of love.

Perri: Ditto. And if you don’t SEE the sign right away we’ll pray that it hits you in the head but that you sustain no injuries from the blow. Seriously though, yay! Gimme a J!

Papa: God answers prayers and He honors faithfulness and obedience. Indeed we see Him keeping His word.

Julia: J!

Perri: Gimme an E!     Obviously Julia and I are the only two on the JESUS squad.

Julia: E! Gimme an SU! (Werd *with prayer emojis*)

Perri: Wait. Gimme an S!

Julia: S!

Perri: Now… What’s that spell?!?!?!?!

Julia: JESUS! Rollllllllllll Jesus Roll!

Paige: I think y’all need to call each other.

Julia: Meh meh meh

Perri: YEA!! Hey, it’s a group thang. We’re just spreadin the LOVE 😉

i said *y’all are awesome hahahaha*

Perri: You are going to be amazed at what God is about to do for you! The whole crazy family is excited!! We love you! And to show you how much, Paige is planning the most incredible deer bbq party! I don’t remember seeing her so excited about cooking for someone. I know I can’t wait!!

Papa: [Bless him, he probably had no idea why his phone was buzzing so much]. Mom and I think you are really tired but we’re glad your focus is RIGHT ON. We are swole up with pride.

Perri: Ha! gotta love the group messages!

*more love from me and Thomas*

Then later,

Richard: Hahaha. Y’all crazy

Paige: I don’t know about BBQ but there 2 ducks in freezer.

Richard: Mmmmmmyum

Paige: Maybe some duck liver pate’. Or do they even have livers. I don’t know.

Richard: I’ll take your 2 ducks and raise em 4 t-bones. Haha jk jk

Perri: I’d see your duck livers and your t-bones and raise you 20 fried chicken tenders. But they’re gone now. So, 10 cans of cat food- the good kind. Or 1 box of salt and a banana. OR 1 half roll of duck tape, 5 empty toilet paper rolls and half a box of raisin bran. And everything has a liver.

Richard: Hahahaha! Y’all are hilarious!

Perri: I miss y’all. Anyone up for a family trip to Nashville? Richard said we can ALL stay with them 🙂

Paige: We’re packing right now

Just a few of the bunch. Love them, dearly.

Just a few of the bunch. Love them, dearly.

Now, as you can imagine, the conversation continued. If you ever wonder why I love my family so much, this is part of why. They are hilarious, supportive, and above all loving. I can always be confident that if I ever just bust it so hard, that Jesus will be there to help me up, and my family will help me, too. A lot of people may think we are a little different, but they are exactly what I need and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

In that particular moment, they not only supported me and gave me love, but they even entertained me while I was waiting to find out what was next. Just. What. I. Needed.

The overall truth (no matter how corny it may sound), is that in order for a tree to grow abundantly and produce the perfect amount of fruit, it’s gotta have an amazing root system. Yes, water and sunlight are necessary. But look at the Bradford Pear. Lovely tree to put in your front lawn. But many times they get too top-heavy before they can develop the proper root system, and they split in half or just topple over. (However, DO NOT discount remaining in tune with the Spirit. There’s a perfect little example of that with this tree in Geneva County, AL and it’s the oldest tree in the state!)

The Lord made us to live in fellowship. Not alone. But just because we aren’t lonely doesn’t necessarily mean that we are nurturing our root systems to their full potential, and that just isn’t right. It’s a little sad that it took me being on a huge break in my life to realize this. God gave us life, and that should be all about love. Nothing more, and nothing less. What we do, (job, hobby, or anything else), is just another part of the love story that He writes for us. It’s the fun part, you know, how He proves His love to us and reveals Himself to us. But the main star of the show is love and fellowship. Because just as He lives in us, He lives in our families and friends, too. So why not experience Him in those relationships? Make it a priority. The rest of the details will follow and work out on their own.

Perhaps some of you already realize this, but what’s the harm in taking time to appreciate our root people a little more? They deserve it.

Can’t wait to tell y’all what’s to come. Thanks for joining me. Y’all da best!

Love y’all,



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