Ch-ch-changes… almost

So, today I’m actually here with more of an “update” than a big long ramble, or a story to tell, or workout advice to give (but don’t worry, that’s coming on Wednesday. It’s gonna be all about Worship Workouts… Whaaaa? Well, you’ll see).

It’s been a while since I’ve felt like I had anything worth sharing in terms of “updates”. Really, I’m not sure that anything so starkly different than the norm has occurred for me to share anything. Nothing particularly new. But I feel a great deal different than I did 3 months ago when I graduated. Surely, that merits an update, right? So without further ado, here’s the continuation in my little story of my life.

Everything can basically be summed up like this: “A lot is different and much has changed, but I don’t have a lot of material to show for it”. Let me begin by explaining, I’m still unemployed. But instead of that statement being filled with shame, embarrassment, and fear it’s more a statement of temporary, security, and hope.

The Lord has me, (just as he has YOU), in the palm of His hand, and there is no safer place to be. I know it and feel it everyday. Even though I haven’t had a job to attend, these past 3 months have been a little bit of a roller coaster. I’ve gone from thinking that I had reached the end of the journey to realizing that there are so many possibilities. Literally. So. Many.

I began applying for jobs through LinkedIn, Indeed, and company job boards immediately after graduating. Each week, I’d apply for several jobs and focus on pursuing them until I heard back. Meanwhile, I also decided that in order to continue making money I’d pick up a job as personal trainer at the Rec Center. However, I haven’t been quite as tenacious about that as everything else, so it’s taken a little more time than necessary. It’s funny how time can still pass just as quickly when you’re not busy as when you are.

Receiving negative responses from companies and agencies got real old, real quick. But during that time, the Lord also started speaking to me, pouring into me, and even convicting me of pieces of my heart that needed a little adjusting. In many ways I’ve actually been grateful for this break, but I’m also in awe of the lengths that Jesus is willing to go in order to get us where we need to be. This time, it’s just so happened to mean taking a very large break from my always-packed schedule. And He managed to do it all without leaving me in dire straights (cause usually no job=no money and no money=bad, but He’s provided anyway!)

Much of what the Holy Spirit revealed to me I either wrote about earlier, or have spoken to many of my friends about. But fast-forward a couple months and that brings me to where I’ve been over the past couple of weeks.

Basically, when God is ready to move, He MOVES. He moves big. He moves quick. He moves smoothly.

And I’m just left on the side of stage, with my mouth hanging open and my soul singing His praises in thanksgiving.

What my life looks like these days. Study, schedule, email.

What my life looks like these days. Study, schedule, email.

In the past few weeks I have: applied for a passport, been certified in first aid response, CPR, and AED, actually registered to take the ACE certification exam, and I’m happy to report that thing are at least moving in the job area.

I got a few things sorted out with Jesus, my heart is in a better place, and suddenly the floodgates have been opened. Now to explain all of that written above.

I applied for a passport because sometime in the next few months I’m going to visit my beautiful best friend in France. I’ve obviously never been abroad, and I’m ecstatic. I’ve always told the Lord that I’ve wanted to see the rest of His creation, but the time has never been right. Well, now it is and He is providing for me in every way. I have the funds, a place to stay, and even a companion that knows the culture and language. It’s perfect. So that’s coming sometime soon.

I got certified in CPR and AED response because I have to be in order to be a personal trainer. Last week, I drove up to Birmingham and sat in a class with 11 other middle-aged men for a few hours and learned all about how to help people before an ambulance arrives. I was the only girl. Something else I learned while there: boys really will always be boys. Laughing, goofy, nerdy. They don’t grow out of it.

I FINALLY registered to take this exam. It’s gettin’ real y’all. December 3rd, is the day that I will once again take my last exam ever. (Let’s be real, at this point I’ll probably be taking exams until I’m 100). And as always, prayers are appreciated.

Now for the big part. This is really the only solid information I can give about the job thing. It’s about to be January and January means job openings. Again, my Father has gone before me and paved the path. Translated: I actually have help with my applications this time and I am so grateful. I have no clue where I am headed but I have at least ideas of possibilities now, and that is awesome! (And I can be a personal trainer on the side, which I love).

And for the BONUS: I’m also “applying” for one more thing. It’s a secret. I won’t tell y’all for several reasons. Pretty much it’s like this. If it happens y’all will know. If it doesn’t happen y’all will never know, and it obviously won’t matter. But why am I telling y’all? Cause prayer. I need your help in praying that I am exactly where the Lord wants me and where I can be light.

Above all, this funny transition period has softened my heart and I just want to love on everyone, because Christ loved me first and He loves everyone. So I feel a little bit like a mustang in the starting gate before a race. Whereas before I was apprehensive about going into the “real world”, now I’m ready. If you wonder, “so what made your fear just evaporate Chaslee?”, it’s like this.

Yesterday in church we heard that, “We aren’t fighting FOR victory, we are are fighting FROM victory”. Jesus has won everything. From the get go, the battle has been won. It’s all about Him, and if I’m living for Him then I have nothing to fear. Nothing, meaning even death itself. That means that nothing, not even the scary adult world can defeat me because the One that has overcome the world, lives in me, and “He who lives in you is greater than he that lives in the world”- 1 John 4:4. He’s my best friend, my protector, my provider, my savior. I can almost see myself in a little protective bubble at all times with Him right beside me. The Enemy may try to steal, lie, manipulate and kill. But if I cling to the Holy One, it doesn’t matter what happens. I have life in Him. He has accepted me and that’s the only acceptance I truly need.

Being an adult is weird. Moving forward is weird. But what have we to fear?

I encourage all of you to seek Him and if you need prayer, heck, I don’t care who you are I’ll pray for you. The truth is, life ain’t easy, but when go through it together it makes things a little easier. So hopefully, my experience can encourage you today.

Enough writing for me today. Gotta get back to reading about exercise! Stay tuned on Wednesday!



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