Wedding Season

Hi everybody! I hope everyone’s summer is going well so far. If it’s anything like mine, then it’s absolutely flying by with lightning speed. I cannot believe I have almost been a college graduate for an entire month!


This hastiness is why I am deciding to sit and write right this very minute, (and the fact that I’m waiting for my free trial of Illustrator to load so I can finish the new logo for DentAlumni). This past weekend held a pretty monumental event, and it seriously made me come to terms with the fact that I am getting old. But I don’t want to forget all the feelings and what I’ve learned, not to mention, I know I’m not the only one experiencing this awkward feeling.


I’ll give a quick recap of the past few weeks. Since my last post, I have continued learning the ropes at UAB. Tomorrow I will finish the newsletter for the Alumni Association at the School of Dentistry, and my first project of my internship will be complete. I’m really excited to see the final copy (I might give y’all a little peak of it too!). The weekends are where it has been the most fun from outsider’s perspective, though.


First, a few weeks back I had the great opportunity to accompany my grandfather, “Bud”, on a Veteran’s Honors Flight alongside my dad. Bud is a Korean War Vet who did Air Force ROTC in high school, and was later stationed in Japan during the war. He absolutely loved it and I was more than grateful to be able to show him around all the memorials in Washington, D.C. (my favorite city!). We also had an added bonus, because my boyfriend, Shawn, met us in D.C. and got to see many of the memorials for the first time too. I was SO happy he got to come along. For those of you who don’t know, Shawn is a cadet at USMA, (AKA West Point… which is Army, if you really don’t know), and he is finally a Firstie (which means he is a senior)! He will probably get a lot of shout-outs in the future, just a heads up.


Sorry for the detour. Now, back to my “quick” recap. The next week end, my family and I traveled to Orange County, California and did some sightseeing and visiting with relatives. Now I can finally say that I have been to both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the U.S. We saw the Reagan Library (my total fav), Hollywood tour, did whale watching (didn’t see any whales), and visited with some really fun Californian cousins that I had never met before. They were so sweet and I hope they make it to Tuscaloosa for a Bama visit.  It was the perfect trip for Memorial Day weekend, and we had loads of fun.


This whole time, while all the fun has been occurring, I have been slowly adjusting to my new life as an adult. I have found myself drifting away from all the UA undergrad habits of mine, and I feel like I’m beginning to get it together. However, if I wasn’t already there, this weekend catapulted me into adulthood.


My parents got married when they were 28 (mother) and 30 (daddy), and I came along a year and a half later. Perhaps that’s why, but I feel like in today’s world everyone is getting married SO YOUNG. I know that everything happens for a reason, and that these people are meant to be together, so I don’t mean that in a bad way. But I just have to wonder, am I immature or did life just pass by really quickly?


This weekend my very best friend, Clara, got married. (She’ll be getting several shout-outs too). I LOVE her to death. When I say we are twins, I mean that in every way possible. It can be creepy sometimes, almost as though we are telepathic, when we show up in literally the same exact outfit. And did I mention we look like sisters (according to everyone else)? She has made life so much more enjoyable, and I don’t know what I would do without her.


About two years ago she met this sweet, friendly guy named Matt. Their connection was instant and the rest was history. I can remember the day at Boone Cabin on the lake when she said, “Chas, I know this sounds a little crazy, but I literally could see myself marrying Matt!” Well sure enough, a year later they are official.


The ceremony, the dress, the reception, everything was perfect. We had a close call with the rain there in small town Alabama (Andalusia to be exact), but not a drop fell once the bride walked down the aisle. They said “I do”, there was a wonderful party, and they drove off into the night on their way to the honeymoon. I am ecstatic for them both!


I must admit. It’s one thing for all your friends to get married. But when your closest companion gets hitched, it’s weird, especially if you’re fresh out of college. I know I’ll see her plenty more and that our relationship will remain just as close. Still, we are growing up.


Now, my momma came with me too. That made it even better though. We stayed at an absolutely adorable bed and breakfast, took walks down the road alongside pastures with horses and sweet houses, ate great breakfasts and had plenty of opportunities to chat. It was a great retreat from the real world. Of course, being girls, we talked about what it would be neat to do in mine and my sister’s future weddings, whenever they may be.


I suppose the most surreal part about all of this is, I have always looked forward to this time in my life and always wondered what it would be like because it was so mysterious. Now it’s here, and I guess I just thought I might look older or be even wiser beyond my years. I suppose the truth is, we never reach a place where we stop growing, or have it all together. If we did, we wouldn’t have to be as reliant upon the Lord and that wouldn’t bring Him nearly as much glory.


As uncertain as everything seems to be, I realized several things while talking to my beautiful and very wise mother. I am never going to feel as though I should be old. From here on out, my life will move in phases that are years long, instead of just one year long like in the past. But as long as I allow the Lord to be the navigator of my life, I will always be safe (no matter how close the calls seem to be, because He isn’t bound by time) simply because He loves me.


Although, much of this leaves me with a walking-on-water kind of feeling, I’m actually pretty at-peace with everything. I mean walking-on-water feeling like this. Have you ever imagined putting yourself in Peter’s position when Jesus asked him to get out of the boat? Of course we all know the part where he stops focusing on Christ and sinks because Christ was the one enabling him to do that. But I have always wondered if Peter was nervous and, at the same time, full of faith that he would be okay because of Jesus right in those first few steps. Maybe not, but that kind of describes how I feel right now.


I truly hope that it isn’t because I’m fearful. Last Sunday, (in California), my cousin’s church spoke on being fearless. The preacher spoke out of Genesis on the story of Noah. What he really honed in on was the fact that fear can kill you as Christian because it slowly creeps in and starts to manipulate how you behave spiritually. I was glad he said this, because fear is rampant, but it isn’t one of those things you think of as being a killer. But it SO is! Once at Indian Springs I even heard it suggested that it is a sin to fear because Christ calls us to cast all our fears on Him. To pray about something and claim it back by obsessing and being fearful about it is ineffective. So I am going to try, with His help, to be less fearful and just keep walking on top of the water.


He has blessed me this far, and the struggles only bring sanctification. So why stop now?


Well I’m sorry for the long, long post. There’s just so much going on! If any of y’all wouldn’t or are looking for things to pray about: this commute is tiring and I always need prayers for safe travels!


Now I need to design my logo, since Illustrator finished installing 30 minutes ago.


Love you all,






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